About Me


As a professional Software Engineer


Pushing the boundaries with new technologies and thus creating new challenges every day to solve, is what Samer did in the approximately 7 years of Mobile and Web technologies experience.

Passionate about programming as an art, he believes that software is true craftsmanship.

7 years of agile development with continuous delivery, publishing almost every day, led Samer to believe in interactive education and that Programming can improve any field.

Moving towards mobile and new technologies (Chatbots, AI, controllers & devices) hopes to rock the world by creating unique powerful experiences. At least that’s what my LinkedIn summary says.


As a professional Android Developer


I am an Android developer, specializing in native Android apps. Ever since I built my first Android app during the final year of my studies, I have had a passion for mobile apps.

I create Android apps that follow the Android design guidelines and fit into the Android design ecosystem but with enough breathing room for a distinct branding.


As a professional Web Developer


As I develop Android Apps, I fell in love with backend technologies like Ruby On Rails, and the whole ASP.NET Technologies.
Later on, I played with some frontend frameworks like Angular JS & Angular.


I Enjoy...


all kinds of cool and challenging projects but I’m especially interested in AI, Chatbots, And Software Design & Architecture Topics.


Some External Links 


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