Hello Friends,

This tutorial describes how to set up Open Fire Server on Azure.

First, we will start by setting up the Open Fire Server, 
*If you don't have an Azure subscription you can sign up for the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program here

- Create An Openfire Server

Let's head to Azure portal here

Press the add button and then search for Openfire

Then choose OpenFire Certified by Bitinami 


Press that create button then:


Fill out the info and press ok

This will take us to VM size screen


I will choose the B1s plan, choose whatever fits your needs

Then press next and this will take us to the optional feature configuration,
make sure to turn off auto shutdown feature



Now this will take sometime 

just wait till it finishes 


After that, we will have our resource group ready 

Head to TrackerServer-ip and Change it to static


After that head to your newly created Openfire server on the created IP address 

for me, it's 
yours will be a different IP address


The default username will be admin however for the password you need to go back to the VM in Azure and then go to Boot diagnostics -> Serial log

there you will find the auto-generated password


login on the server using :

username: admin
password: (what you have in the serial log section on the above screen)


and here is our Openfire server ready, now we need to change our password ;)

head to the users/groups section and click on the admin user

click User Options -> password-> enter the new password -> update password

and our password has changed.

With this your server is ready.